Garner State Park
Volksmarch Held 2/27/00

This is "Old Baldy".

Carol and Mallory at the first Scenic
Overlook of the Frio River.

We had stopped to rest, Bunker from
Austin caught up with us.

Another view of the Frio river and
the Hill Country of Uvalde County.

We walked along the ridge for a
considerable distance.  Now we see
the river again.

This Mountain Laurel was a beautiful

I don't know the story behind this cross.

We still weren't at the top!

Mallory found a good place to
rest before we started down.

This event was a Volksmarch hosted by the Selma Pathfinders. If you are interested in finding out more about Volksmarching or the Selma Pathfinders. Click Here

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